Have you ever wondered how to keep your 4th generation console including the Xbox One and Playstation 4 clean from regular wear and tear, repairing scuffs, or just want to keep it dirt free? Well the solution is fairly easy and affordable. First off we’re going to discuss the main two things of what NOT to do.


Don’t Use Harsh Chemicals

This step is pretty simple because if you use harsh chemicals such as bleach, rubbing alcohol or any type of cleaning supplies it will simply be counterproductive towards your cleaning goals. The chemicals are too risky and will more than likely take off the paint covering the controllers, any cords, and on the overall console. This includes making it to come in contact with the ports or submerging it into the chemicals. Although it may seem ideal, stay away from this method.


Don’t Use Polish Or Shine

Although you may want to have shiny controllers or a console, the polish or
shining is not meant for your console. Much like using the harsh chemicals or
cleaning supplies the polish and/or shine will strip the paint and outer-lining of the
console. Not to mention that many polish and shine kits come with rough supplies that will scratch and damage the console. Note that there are special cleaners specifically made for plastics.


So now  that we’ve covered the basics of what NOT to do, let’s dive into safe practices that make the cleaning process more affordable and console friendly.


Use A Dry And Clean Microfiber Cloth

Using one of these cheap and easy cleaning tools for the surface and other parts of your Xbox One and Playstation 4. Unlike using a regular cloth, sponge, or paper towel, this helps prevent any scratches or major damage to the outer part and any other small details in need of cleaning. This can also be found at almost any store including the most popular, Walmart and Target.


Use A Q-Tip With Water

Now when I say use water I am referring to a small amount of water, because like harsh chemicals it can permanently damage the console. Take the Q-tip and dab it into luke-warm water. Next carefully go between the crevasses of the control sticks and other known crevasses. This is also good for slight wear and tear scuffs on the outside.

Purchase An Air Ionizer

Now this is another option if you’re wanting to deep clean the inside of the console. This does require some skill and other background knowledge, as you must take apart the console and insert the air ionizer. This is essentially compressed air that attracts air and dust floating around. Now these can cost anywhere from $100 to $1000 depending on the model and the make. Since this can be a pricey option it is just another suggestion, not entirely needed to brush things up.

Now that I have showed you the basics of how to clean your 4th generation console including the PS4 and the Xbox One you can use these practices to maintain a well groomed console; which in the long run will help increase the lifespan and put more worth into the system itself. Now although only the 4th generation consoles are mentioned you can use this on other gaming systems as well, so long as you follow these very steps and use caution whenever handling with various systems– for the best outcome.