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5 Reasons The iOS 10 Update Is Worth It

Bigger And Better Detailed Emojis 

With the new iOS 10 update, users are now able to see emojis much more clear! No more squinting at the screen trying to decide what fun emotion, animal, food, or what-have-you, through your messages. With the new updated 3D emojis you are able to express yourself in a more vibrant and eloquent way. In the image below is just a preview of some of the new emojis you can choose from.

A More Intelligent And Responsive Siri

Remember Siri taking a long time to respond, or not even being able to process what you said? Not anymore, because with the new upgrade Siri is able to non-shamefully perform less like a robot and more like a human. This was extremely helpful when my Denver Movers were trying to get me relocated and could not gt the correct GPS coordinates quickly enough. The respond time is much quicker along side with more intelligent answers given. Apple knew this was a problem since the beginning of Siri’s creation, but with time given and the right amount of work put in, the development of Siri has come a long way; and is shown in the new update.

The Ability To Delete Stock Apps 

Storage is overcapacity? Do not fear, stock apps can be cleared. Before the update you were unable to delete apps such as: Numbers, Voice memos, iBooks, Pages, and any other app that came pre-installed onto the iPhone. This enables users to have more room for the apps they want, photos, music, and much more. Whether you want an app that teaches you how to bake, track your weight, connect more socially, move, or to even inspire, more storage is now available.

Find more helpful tips in regards to iPad and IOS in this article about iPads.

Organized And Memory Photos

For the longest time photos were simple based organization. You had your basic “All Photos” , “Videos” , “Panoramas” and of course the “All Deleted” folder all listed in the photos app. However, Apple became creative and thought of ways for people to enjoy and find photos more quickly. Similar to Facebook , there is now facial recognition that is sorted out into its own separate folder, along with a location folder in which the photos were taken. Yet the best part about the update is the memories in which all of your photos are placed into a certain category and played with pre-made slide show and music (which can be customized at any time).

More Self-Sufficient Notes 

Before the iOS 10 update, notes were probably one of the most basic stock apps on the phone. You would open up the add and click the small cross in the right hand corner to type a new note. Luckily, now you have the option to sort your notes into folders, whether that be through your iCloud, your e-mail, or just straight through your iPhone — the possibilities are endless. Although this feature may be small it makes your day-to-day living simpler, effortlessly and with ease.



From emojis to notes these small details outline what makes the iOS 10 update so great. However, the 5 listed here are just some of the few great features found on the new update; there are many more to discover and many more to come. Go ahead and be a risk-taker or an adventurer and discover the new possibilities that can be found with the iOS 10!

Tips to Help You on Your iPad

Buying an iPad is a big investment financially, so you will want to get as much from it as feasible, right? Are you searching for advice which will help you be a fantastic iPad proprietor? You have come to the ideal place! This article will certainly direct you with some practical tips as well as tricks.

Your iPad will now sustain a VPN connection. You simply have to configure it first. Begin by going to your Settings selection menu. Look under General tab to locate Network. Choose the VPN and also switch that slider to On. You can after that add the VPN setup using your account information as well as server.

If you’re battery at a very quick rate, shut off some alerts and also area based things. Your iPad regularly scans for your location (if you are on 3G, wifi, or LTE). Your battery has the life drained out by this. If you don’t need the features, then you can expand your battery time with a few flicks of a button.

If you are an individual that should have a guidebook with whatever you get, you have to download the iPad’s manual. Apple, complying with a minimalist technique, don’t provide an individual guidebook with their iPad.

Practice typing on your iPad. Using the electronic keyboard is one of the hardest things to get used to. It really feels unusual for most individuals to start, but you could quickly become to it with technique. Take a seat for a bit each day and just work on your iPad typing skills. Soon you’ll feel at home.

Carrying out numerous application updates at the very same time could make your iPad run slow, making it hard to get anything done. By making the apps update individually instead of all at once, you can reduce this problem. Find the icon of the app that is running and touch it to pause it. You can allow another to start updating only after the first one is complete.

As soon as you get an iPad, switch on Apple’s iCloud. This acts as a backup to your most essential photos, music, records, as well as much more. The elegance of it is that it simply functions. No need to back up your stuff by hand; it does it behind the scenes.

To copy and also paste promptly on your iPad, touch the text and stifle while choosing Select. Next off, tap ‘copy,’ switch over to a various app, after that touch once more and hold back. This will certainly trigger a menu to pop up, presenting Paste. Touch it. For an entire paragraph, you will need to touch 4 times.

One of the cool functions of the iPad is the Photo Booth. You could get more satisfaction out of this feature if you use it on your friends and family. Touching the “twirly cam” symbol will allow you to use the video camera on the back and take pictures by tapping the shutter button.

Do you understand how to make your iPad an outstanding device now? Do you feel confident in informing others what you have learned? Put this guidance to use as well as share with others. You’ll feel great in knowing all you can, plus be able to give that knowledge to others. Enjoy your iPad!

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